A genuine and meaningful experience of contemporary Romanian design, art and culture.

Introducing today’s generation of artists and designers in France and in Europe.

Bringing into the spotlight highly-creative artistic products, designed and handmade by young talents.


Countries have borders, stories don’t.

Carving a new path, that of more than just monetary rewards.

Focusing on people and their talent, on discovering and sharing, not just selling.

Starting a conversation between generations and cultures.

Creating something out of nothing and having an impact.

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Oana Georgescu

Paris has been my home for the last ten years. This 'melting pot' has continuously stimulated and nurtured my idea of building an activity that inspires people, highlighting the cultural bonds between France and Romania.

Today's generation of artists and designers are reinventing our world, in meaningful ways. Sometimes, it’s all about connecting the dots and helping people discover local cultures through design, emotions and stories.

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A story about people

A selection of highly-skilled local artists and designers offering you the best of contemporary Romanian culture.
Challenging conventions with quality, unleashing beauty from simplicity.

The story of art and culture is a permanent conversation that people want to be part of.
Together we are cultivating creativity, craftsmanship and connections.

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Fuel the vision with perseverance

Prizewinner in the live pitch contest #AdopteUnEntrepreneur organised by ADIE Ile-de-France in partnership with Banque Populaire Rives de Paris and BRED - October 2015